Toowoomba, Highfields & Gatton Gutter Guard Services

Gutter Guard

Why Use Gutter Guard?

gutter guard

  • Gutter Protection
  • Prevents Leaves and Debris
  • Keep Birds and Vermin at Bay
  • Improves Water Quality

Other benefits:

  • Fits almost all existing gutters and suits all roof types
  • Smart, cost-effective design
  • Fast to install and remove – no drilling or screwing required
  • Australian designed - Made to suit Australian homes
  • 99% effective in protecting gutters from leaves
  • 100% effective in protecting gutters from birds

If your gutters get blocked by leaves gutter guard offers gutter protection.

Toowoomba Home Maintenance can fit your house gutters with Gutter Guard.

Gutter Guard fits almost all existing gutters and suits all roof types.

Use Gutter Guard for gutter protection from leaves and other natural debris.

Gutter Guard offers gutter protection while reducing gutter maintenance.

Trees provide shade in the summer so don't cut them back to stop leaves in your gutters.

Install gutter guard and watch the leaves slide right off!.

A build up of leaves and other natural debris on your gutters, result in blockages to your gutters, down pipes and underground drains.

Protection from Birds and Vermin

Birds that nest in gutters will find it impossible to nest in your gutter when Gutter Guard is used.

Gutter Guard completely seals off access to your gutters from birds and other vermin.

Improve your Water Quality

If you have a tank connected to your house then Gutter Guard will improve your water quality as rotting leaves are no longer a problem.

gutter guardsgutter clean

Gutter Maintenance

Cut out the (dangerous) duty of gutter maintenance.

In a heavy storm water can spill over your gutters, especially if the gutters contain leaf litter and dirt. The water can flow over into the roof cavity, damaging walls and ceilings.

Use Gutter Guard as protection and avoid the damage that could result after a strong storm or heavy rain.

Gutter Guard easy Install

Gutter Guard is fast to install and/or remove with no drilling or screwing required.

Gutter Guard is smart, cost effective and fits almost all existing gutters and suits all roof types.