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Solar Panel Cleaning

solar panel cleaning

When did you last think of cleaning your Solar Panels in Highfields?

Did you know that if your solar panels are dirty, they will not perform as expected?

If you want to get the best out of your PV solar energy system or solar hot water system, the panels need to be kept clean so that they can work as efficient as they can.

Dirty solar panels can easily reduce your expected savings by approx 25% to 30%.

Solar panel recommendations

Some manufacturers of solar panels recommend cleaning every 12 months, some every 24 months.

Our experience has shown that most installations benefit from a cleaning every 24 months, however if your panels are located directly under trees they can be very susceptible to leaf and chlorophyll contamination and should be cleaned more regularly.

solar panel clean

Give us a call today to discuss if your panels need a clean to ensure they are operating at their maximum efficiency.